Yellow Jacket Review

While Ephedra has been effectively banned from being used in the USA, it is still very much present in our society and a lot of people continue to put their health and lives in danger. We don’t want you to do this which is why we have decided to intimate our readers about Yellow Jacket pills. Contrary to what should normally happen, a lot of people still continue to use this pill.

Yellow Jacket Review

What is Yellow Jacket?

The manufacturers of this diet pill are nothing more than charlatans because they don’t mind the harm they are causing their users by producing and marketing Yellow Jacket. How so? In 2004, the FDA banned the sale of supplements that contain ephedra and ephedra-like substances and Yellow Jacket fits this bill. It is a product that contains caffeine and ephedrine and in fact, the name Yellow Jacket is a street lingo for barbiturates. Apart from ephedrine and caffeine, it also contains citrus aurantium, kolanut extract, sida cordifolia, ginseng, capsicum ginger root and a couple of others.

Why We Frown at Yellow Jacket

Remember the ephedra ban we mentioned earlier? It was due to reports form users that they suffered from cardiovascular effects such as irregular heart rhythm, increased blood pressure and cardiovascular stress and all of these have been linked to heart diseases and strokes. This was the reason why Yellow Jacket and others were banned in the US. Given this precedent, there’s no way we can recommend this to our readers. Don’t be deceived, some manufacturers have produced some drugs under the same name and replaced the ephedrine with citrus peels and other ingredients. However, according to the NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine), this doesn’t make them safer. As such we do not endorse using this diet pill.